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91 Chevy C1500

Darts to left when you hit the brakes.

Checked brakes and found right brake pads completely gone. Replaced pads and calibers on both sides but still darts to the left when you hit the brake. Could it be a bad master cylinder?

Check the flexible brake hoses going to the calipers. If the rubber inside one of these brake hoses has deteriorated to point where its acting like a check valve, it will allow the brakes to be applied, but won’t release that brake once the brake pedal is released.


Thank you very much. The right side is slow on releasing. When I had it jacked up I had to turn the wheel b/4 it would release.

I replaced the flexible brake hose today and now the brakes work perfectly. No pulling to left. I really appreciate your help. You saved me a few dollars in mechanic repairs. Wish I had found this out sooner and could have saved a rotor and caliper.

NOW, replace the flexible brake hose on the RIGHT side.