Help with brakes on Mercury Villager



I have a 93 Villager. The Front left brake sticks. I replaced the brake calipers on both front wheels as well as the pads.

When I removed the front caliper it sure seemed like it was suspect. The dust seal was torn and the piston was in bad shape. After all that the front left still grabs.

Any ideas???


[b]The next thing to suspect is the brake hose to that caliper.

These brake hoses can deteriorate where a piece of the inner hose can hang down and act as a check valve. So when the brakes are applied, everything works. But when the brakes are released, that piece of brake hose that’s hanging inside prevents the hydraulic pressure from being released. So that brake drags.

To find out if this is the case, when you know the brake is dragging, crack open the bleeder on that caliper. If brake fluid shoots out of the bleeder, there’s still hydraulic pressure in that caliper. And that hose is suspect.

If you find this is the problem, don’t just replace that hose. Instead, replace both. Because if one is giving you trouble, the other isn’t far behind.



If the right brake doesn’t work the left brake will grab.


Thanks. Both hoses were replaced with the calipers. Also I checked the right break works fine.
When I first test drove the car the braked seemed ok. Then I did an emergency stop test from maybe 15 mph. That is when the brake started dragging again.