91 Cadillac Deville Fuel Filter Location

Hope you’re all doing well. I’m facing a bit of a head-scratcher with my 1991 Cadillac Coupe DeVille Spring Edition. I’ve been trying to locate the fuel filter for what feels like forever, and I could really use some guidance. The car is not accelerating past a certain depth in the throttle especially when going uphill it struggles hard and wants to backfire and just gets no power, assuming bad fuel filter so just bought a $15 filter to see if that fixes anything.

Here’s what I’ve done so far:

I’ve consulted the haynes repair manual multiple times, in which it shows where the filter should be.
I’ve scoured various online resources, forums, and YouTube videos, hoping to find a visual guide or explanation, but no luck.
I’ve crawled under the car and traced the fuel lines from the tank up to the front wheel, havent looked past the front wheel well.

It is said that there should be a fuel filter attached to the underside of the car alone the frame rail either on passenger or drivers side. The fuel line, with the yellow tag that says fuel, runs on my passenger side and there is no fuel filter attached to that line. There seems to be a completely custom exhaust piping system under the car, so many they also replaced fuel lines without a filter??

Ill go ahead and film a youtube video today if I need to of underside of the car.

Any guidance or advice on where I might find the fuel filter would be immensely appreciated. If you have pictures or diagrams, that would be even better thank you.




Could also be a blocked catalytic converter. Any way to put a pressure gauge on the fuel system to see if it actually is a fuel pressure problem?


I will check it out today thank you where do you get these schematics? These kind of diagrams are what I really want for the car.

Yeah Id have to get a fuel pressure gauge from autozone loaner parts. The car sat for 6 months after not being maintained in probably a couple years of daily driving so just getting the cheap stuff done first.