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1993 Cadillac De Ville - "starve for gas"

My 1993 Cadillac De Ville has started to “starve for gas” or sputter/chug-chug after driving over 20-30 miles, especially while accelerating uphill. I thought it was a fuel injection or filter problem, but the computers at the local mechanics cannot detect any problems. Once I let the car rest for a few minutes, the ride is smooth again, until I drive more than 20 or so miles. Ideas?

My 1994 Suberban is having weak action too. I have replaced fuel filter, Fuel pump, Idle air control and Throtle position sensor. I think I’m down to Ingectors and fuel pressure regulator!

Hope you the best of luck

Oh and by the way, new here and don’t know how to find “post a new message” Please help

Patrck T

What kind of maintenance has the De ville had? How many miles on it. A fuel filter does not necessarily give a code that can be read. A new air filter and fuel filter may be worth trying. The symptoms seem to indicate an dirty fuel filter, but without more info on the car it is hard to tell.

On the Suburban, have the plugs, wires or coils been checked. You have replaced a lot of stuff, I wonder if heat is causing a break down in some electrical component.

PatrickT, look on the right-hand side of the screen, under the cartoonish-looking Car Talk Community logo. There’s a rectangular red Ask a Question button that will help you submit your query.

Weak fuel pump for that vintage would sure be a suspect. Do a fuel pressure test.

Thanks guys. My father was the original owner and took care of all maintenance, keeping immaculate records from every oil change to how many miles/gallons per trip (local or long distance.) The car has 157,000 miles. The truth is, I’m trying to sell and am wondering if this new condition (which just started under my watch, of course, while driving from Virginia to Georgia) is something I can have easily/cheaply fixed or if I’m better off selling as is. Long time listener to Car Talk and often hear unique solutions for crazy quirks. I know from other Caddy owners that the fuel tank sensor messes with the acceleration when the tank is low and the car is making right hand turns. Odd. I thought that was the case here, until I filled the tank full of premium gas (break the bank) and added a fuel enhancer. I am currently taking all suggestions into consideration! Thanks again. -Gretchen