91 Allante or 91 Eldorado?

if you have owned or driven/ridden in one of these models, would you comment on your preference? I am really torn between these two cars for a weekend driver. I don’t necessarily need a convertible (Allante), but the car has a hardtop. The Eldorado is a coupe but not the Biarritz model. Both are equitable in mileage and in condition and price. Thanks for your input.

You’d be better off with a Town Car.

As they used to say in an OTC medication commercial about 45 years ago, “Why trade a headache for an upset stomach?”.


Are you really shopping for a car, or are you just driving every old barge you can think of and asking other peoples’ opinions?

There’s not much similarity between a Town Car and an Allante. First decide what you want. Sedan, coupe, convertible, whatever, then narrow down your choices. You’re all over the automotive map.

When I was selling cars a guy came into the Toyota dealership looking for a 4WD pickup. His brother had just bought a new truck and he felt he needed one, too. We only had two 4WD trucks on the lot at the time, and he didn’t like either of them. He bought a Celica, instead. Came in looking for a 4WD truck and drove home in a Celica. Go figure. He didn’t know what he wanted, he just knew he wanted a new vehicle.

Are you that guy? I know you’re not shopping new cars, but you don’t seem to know what you really want. Are you that guy?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Oldsfan knows what I mean. Go back a day or two and read his posts.

I asked for comparisons on the Allante and Eldorado from 1991.

Yes, I know. A few days ago, however, you asked for opinions about Lincoln Town Cars, and before that you’ve asked for opinions about various and sundry vehicles. Many vehicles. This has been going on for some time.

I don’t really care what you’re up to, but it seems like you’re just fooling around and don’t know what you want.

No offense intended. You can browse to your heart’s content as far as I’m concerned. I’m just curious. Are you seriously considering a purchase, or are you like me; just looking?

Are you really in the market for a car or not?

That reminds me of a jerk who my brother had the misfortune of dealing with when he (my brother) was a real estate agent. He asked this potential customer, “Are you interested in a single family house, a 2 family house, a multiple occupany dwelling, a townhouse, or a condo apartment?”, and the customer replied, “yes”. When asked to clarify, the customer said, “Just show me everything that is on the market”.

The upshot of the story is that this guy asked inane questions, seemed to have no real direction to his real estate search, and he came to the real estate office every Friday night for so long that the other salespeople dubbed this guy my brother’s “Friday Night Date”.

Right after he finally showed some interest in a property (an apartment condo), he suddenly disappeared. When my brother next spoke with the property owner, he was told that this jerk customer had attempted to do his own “side” deal with the property owner in order to avoid paying my brother’s sales commission. My brother telephoned this jerk and inquired whether this information was true, and he was informed that this was true, despite the fact that my brother had spent–literally–over 30 hours with him, showing him “everything that was on the market”. My brother then informed this jerk that he was no longer welcome to come to the real estate agency, because one does not do what this jerk did. And, the worst part is that I referred him to my brother!

Oldsfan–You need to define your car search more specifically. At this point, you are “all over the map”!

I own 3 older cars – all late 80’s or early 90’s GM. I work two additional jobs to earn extra money for this hobby. I get the interest, I think, from the fact that my father was a car dealer - as a child I was always around cars but never wanted the new ones – just the ones he had traded for. I think the older cars bring back good memories - plus I like the styling better than, for the most part, the new models. So, to answer the question “Am I really looking to buy?” Yes, always looking for that one clean older car to enjoy for awhile. I’m not really all “over the map”: like the older GM cars, just asked about the Lincoln because I was surprised at the quality of the car, but not really considering it --(I was actually looking at an older Caprice that day). I just ask about these cars because I have received pretty good information here from owners of these older car makes. I appreciate the posts and hope I did not offend anyone. If I did, I will refrain from posting and just read all the other great information here. There is always a lot to learn from people who love cars as I do. Thanks again. Have a good weekend, everyone!

No need to bail out,you are just asking. But early GM cars,not for me and I am a GM man (but I drive a FORD,a hand me down when my Dad got to sick to drive anymore). I think I have posted before but I will again, nothing so old that it’s not OBD2 but thats just me. I just hated working with the Tech1 (so limited) and when the Tech2 came it was heaven.

The Eldo and the Allante share the same platform. To make Allante’s, they shortened the Eldo by 18" (you can see where they cut them), removed the rear seat area and flew the chassis to Turin Italy in a specially equipped 747 air-freighter. There, Pina-Farina installed the aluminum body they had designed for the car. The cars were then flown back to an assembly plant in New Jersey where final assembly was performed. Even when sold for $56,000, an astounding price in 1991, they lost money on every car they sold. Eldo’s are common. Allante’s are quite rare.

You really are torn between different cars every week or so. Do you have lots of them or run each set through your mind?

I have three older cars, and I am always looking for another clean older model. It’s a hobby of mine, I guess. I ask opinions here because I receive great advice and learn about the cars I am considering.
See Caddyman’s post above. Thanks!

The cars share a lot of similarities mechanically. I think it comes down to which you like more. You will drive it infrequently enough that damage should not be an issue. Accidents usually happen during commutes. I’d buy the Allante. You can have a coupe or convertible any time you want. It’s distinctive. And the body will not rust.

Thank you for your advice! I am leaning toward the Allante. I had forgotten about the aluminum body factor. Thanks again!