1990, 1991, 1992 Cadillac Allante-- Advice

I found three clean models, under 75K miles, prices are high ($8K range) but cars are in good condition. Has anyone had experience with these cars? Should I consider one or run away? If I should run, what other cars in the late 80’s/early 90’s (or older) should I consider? Looking for a sporty yet luxurious car for light travel, weekend use. Convertible would be nice or removable top. Styling and comfort are important considerations. Thanks for your help!

It’s the closest you’ll get to an SL built in the USA. Buy the one in the best condition.

I wouldn’t consider any of them. The HT4100-based engines are are notoriously unreliable. A 93 model with the more complex, but more reliable Northstar engine would be a far better choice.

Well, based on your other recent threads, you’re looking for Cadillac convertibles. Why not get an SL convertible?

I own a '89 with 145K miles and it has had no major problems. Beginning in '89 they came with 4.5L V8’s that were the most reliable thing about the car. The aluminum body makes them light and fast. I bought mine on e-bay which is where you will find most of them. I paid $9800 for mine 6 years ago. It came with two tops. The top is worth over a Grand by itself.

The big nightmare with these cars are the anti-lock brakes (Bosch prototype system) which can develop TOTAL brake failure if you ignore the warning light and “try to make it home” and the computerized switches and controls which are IMPOSSIBLE to repair. If/when they fail, you must direct wire the failed component. The digital dashboard, should it fail, falls into the same category. Many owners keep a “parts car” to deal with these problems. But out on the road, 70-80 mph, top down, there is nothing like one. Since they only made 2500-3500 cars a year for 7 years, more than half are gone, they are getting pretty rare…There is an Allante Net where owners trade horror stories, parts and fixes…