Clank coming from engine on my Mazda Speed3

My car is the Speed3 and runs great or it was. I recently had my timing chain replaced and it was running great. Been 2 weeks since the repair. Today coming home from work and exiting the interstate I was in 5th shifted down into 4th then 3rd. When I came to a stop behind traffic the engine died. I restarted it and smoke came from under hood. Wouldn’t start so I had to push it over. Waited 15 minutes as tried many times just waring battery down. After 15-20 minutes I tried to start and it started but loud clanking coming from the engine. Stopped and checked oil. It was dry! Got oil replaced (5 1/2 qts). and started. OK to start but clanking sound is still there. On hook to the garage. There was no oil light or anything. Just got done running 70+ mph on interstate for 12 miles no problem. Any thoughts would be nice. Thanks.

No oil in engine @ 70 MPH = Fried Engine.


Yup, Tester’s right.
My guess is that you spun a bearing. But that’s just the big news. The little news is that the other bearings are probably all damaged too. And perhaps the cylinder walls. Should I go on? Someone’s going to have to tear this motor open and do some serious work.

Allow me a question: how often do you check your oil?

You say you got the oil ‘replaced’. Was this a fill until registering on the dip stick, or draining what was left, then filling with fresh? If you needed to add 5-1/2 quarts to read right on the dipstick, then sorry, but this engine is done.

The engine is probably severely damaged and will need to be replaced. But that assessment is not 100% certain until a mechanic does a few tests to rule out less serious problems first. So have those tests done. Still, you should probably anticipate looking at a rather significant expense to get this car back on the road.