90 Buick Regal a good starter car?



I’ve been looking for a good starter car for myself and I found a 90 Buick Regal 2dr Custom with 73000miles on it for $1400 . I just needed some opinions about the car and if it looks any good? you are welcome to email me at awsome195@gmail.com with any comments suggestions or anything else. Thanks!

 It would help if you could tell us what YOUR personal needs and wants are related to a car.  

 Also please remember that these kinds of on-line communities work best with an interplay between those here.  We all tend to learn from each other's answers and we can correct or add to other's responses.  Just e-mailing a response defeats the strength of the system


Not sure what your needs are and expectations are. I would not have many for such an old car.

However if deciding to pull the trigger on one please pay a trusted mechanic(ask friends/family for recommendation) to check it over.