87 bmw vs. 91 buick

I recently came upon an 87 bmw 325 for sale by a neighbor for only $900. Should I go for it, or just keep my 91 buick regal. My buick has some issues (no spedometer, poor brakes) but still runs good. I need a car that will last at least 2 years.

Personally, I would be nervous about a $900 BMW. It’s either a very good deal, or it has “issues.” I would suspect the latter.

I would keep the Buick. If you were GIVEN the 87 BMW, it would still be a very expensive car to own. Like the white elephant from Indian legends. Parts for your Buick, new or used, which was a resonably good car to start with, are readliy available and cheap. Almost any mechanic can repair your car.

The speedometer and brakes on yor Buick can be fixed for a fraction of the firt thing that will go wrong with the BMW, no matter what is is. If you don’t believe me ask a trustworthy mechanic!

Example; I had a Chevy Caprice which had a rusted out gas filler at 250,000 miles. I went to a shop that does radiators and tanks and had a NEW one put in for $365. I casually asked what a BMW tank would be and he said $1300 plus installation, IF YOU CAN GET ONE! He said they normally repair BMW tanks for about $800.