89 volvo blower fan fuse keeps blowing out

so, i bought a used volvo recently and it’s fine. i brought it in to the dealer to see what was up with the ac not working and they said the compressor was frozen and there wasn’t anything to do about it…but that’s fine since i have the blower fan so it won’t be too hot. except now that it’s back from the shop the fuse has blown out twice for the fan! is this a random electric coincidence, or something that happened because of the compressor? can i fix it myself? help!

I recommend you check to see if the blower motor fan blade is jammed somehow. That would cause this kind of trouble.

You can work on this yourself if you are fairly handy and have the right tools. Sometimes it can be fairly difficult to get at the blower motor on certain vehicles. I’m not sure how hard it is on your model. If you get at the fan make sure the fan blade turns freely. The motor may also need to be replaced if the fuse still blows, the blade turns freely, and there are not any shorts in the wiring to the motor.