'89 Dodge Ram D-150



I have a question…I am interested in this truck and I found it on Craigslist. After talking to the owner, I found out there is a lien on the title because it was used as a business transportation. The owner said it will be solved in a day. I am wondering if anyone had any experience with these? And the truck has the 239 c.i. V6 motor. Any reviews about these? Thanks!


If the lien is resolved, the owner will gladly show you the papers to prove it. If he cannot produce such paperwork, well… need anyone advise you?

As to the truck itself, it was quite a good vehicle when it was new. After 21 years, however, don’t expect very much. Me, I wouldn’t even look twice at it regardless of what the owner claims.


Tell him to resolve it and give you a call when he has a truck he can legally sell.