For how long can I keep my track?

I have dodge ram 1500; it’s 1999 model and It has 130,000 miles. My question is for how long can I keep the truck. Thanks

You can keep it as long as you like. Since Chrysler is still in business you will be able to get parts for it for quite a few years.

IF the truck has been maintained by the book, it has a potential economic life of 300,000 miles or more. Economic means that major items like engine and transmission stay intact and it pays to keep replacing the other items that fail or wear out.

If the vehicle has not been well maintained, you may have another 50,000 miles before a major item needs replacing and it’s off to the wrecking yard.

If you really love the truck and it’s not rusting away, and money is no object, you can keep it running forever.

As long as you want and can afford to maintain it. You have a long way to match this little old lady:


That’s a strange question, answerable only knowing the condition of the truck. Which we can’t from here.
I have a 79 and 92 still in my driveway.
trying to sell the 92 but the 79 stays.

If you like the truck, keep it as long as it provides reliable service.

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How long you can safely keep a vehicle with reasonable effort, depends most upon how long you can keep the body/frame integrity. The mechanics, including transmission/motor can be rebuilt…body work where structural integrity is concerned becomes a labor of love and cost prohibitive if you want to keep it as a functional vehicle and not an heirloom. It’s not miles, it’s time and body maintenance that are most important which has as much to do with where you live as the effort you put into it. And that’s why the life of any vehicle can vary so much throughout the automotive world.
Doc hinted at it with “If you really love the truck and it’s not rusting away,