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89 Chrysler Sebring wont start

Hi my frend has a 89 Sebring that won’t start all the dash light come on but turn the key and it doesn’t do a thing so who has a some answer plz thanks

Will It Start With A Jump From Another Source Using Jumper Cables ?


To little info. Has friend used jumper cables, or a jump box? A weak battery can show dash lights but not have enough power to run the starter.

Chrysler made an 89 Sebring?

Chrysler did not produce the Sebring until 1995. Make and model of the vehicle please.

My bad. Typo. 1998. Work off phone.

try moving the shifter to r,n,d, or any of the low ranges and go from there

THX I haven’t got to it yet but THX ill get to later this week

I had a jeep that did that I put a new shift cable in it ill try its my friends car and I’m calling him to try it out sopn. Ill gat back to you all THX