89 Chrysler LeBaron, to buy or not to buy

I have the option of buying a two door, hard top '89 LeBaron from my boyfriend for $500. It needs a new brake line (three have been replaced recently, needs one more) and a new tire. Is this a good buy? Or should I keep looking?

Keep looking. These are beautiful cars in my opinion but they have problems galore. You can keep it on the road but it will cost a lot more than half a grand.

Tough spot if you buy the car from you boyfriend you make him happy, but if the car is a dud you are unhappy. A $500 car is bound to need more $$$$ for all kinds of repairs. If you expect a reliable car, they are not many $500 ones that fit the bill.

Chrysler Lebarons weren’t too good to begin with, rattles, loose suspension, and iffy transmissions. A 20 year old one has something many other Lebaron’s didn’t just to survive this long.

Keep looking just to see what is out there your $500 can buy. This maybe the best cheap car you’ll find.