Overheating Jeep Cherokee


Sorry this is long, but I’m desperate. My 1999 Jeep Cherokee overheated a couple of weeks ago. It was spewing coolant through a leak in the top hose. I took it to a shop, they flushed the cooling system, replaced the hoses and the heater hoses, and sent me on my way. I got about 10 miles away, and the temperature was running hot again, I turned around and got back to the shop. Oops, they should have replaced the thermostat. Did that, sent me on my way again, and boom, about 10 miles, overheating again. A different shop said there was air in the system, bled the system, and sent me on my way. A week later, overheats again, back to first shop, replace the water pump, runs for several days, and overheats again. This time to different shop today, they tell me the original shop put in the wrong thermostat, they replace it, but it overheats on their test drive. any time it over heats, if you let it cool down, it does and then you can drive again. Any ideas?


How many miles on it? Has anyone checked to see if the fans are running and if there is exhaust gasses in the coolant?


105K, fans are running, they are checking tomorrow for exhaust gasses. That isn’t good, is it?