"88 Subaru gone dead

After a tree fell and grazed the left head light while parked, I lost power to the fuel pump. I have spark but no fuel. Anyone have any thoughts? The only damage to the car from the tree is a crushed head light

It is possible that the “impact switch” was activated by the shock of the tree hitting the car. Check the Owner’s Manual for the location of the impact switch, and try resetting it. That just might restore power to the fuel pump.

I see no mention of an impact switch in the manual. Someone told me it does not have one.

In that case, all I can suggest is to check the electrical connections at the fuel pump.

Do you know where the fuel cutoff relay is?

What model Subaru do you have and which engine? They could be either fuel injected or carbureted.

During this era the fuel pumps were usually controlled by the voltage regulator. This means if the alternator belt is broken, slipping badly, or if there is an alternator or voltage regulator problem power will not be provided to the fuel pump.

It is a GL station wagon. I believe it is fuel injected. This was a donated vehicle so my knowledge is limited. I sent a jump line to the pump to energize it but it still was not starting-

There is a small plastic box mounted on the coolant reservoir. Open the top and check the fusible links for a bad connetion. Make sure they are making good contact. If they are ok then the fuel pump relay under the dash may be the trouble. Also of note is that if the ECU doesn’t see ignition pulses then the fuel pump will be shut down by the ECU. I know you said the ignition is working so that shouldn’t be a problem. Just a heads up for you. Another note, when the pump system is working normally you should also be able to hear the pump turn on for a couple of seconds when you turn the key from OFF to RUN.

The ECU supplies the ground connection to the pump. I have repaired ECUs that have failed to turn on the pump due to a bad transistor in the ECU. So this is a possible problem also.