93 Impreza No start

I am working on a 93 subaru Impreza. There is no fuel pressure. it is a 1.8 with an in tank fuel pump. At the 4 pin connector on the fuel pump there is 5 volts, two grounds, and one that is dead. I jumped from a hot line to the dead line and the fuel pump began to run. I followed the line all the way up through the dash, no breaks. I dont know where the fuel pump relay or the fuel pump fuse are. Could it be a bad relay? nothing in this car is labeled as far as relays and fuses. No numbers, no id plates. Any ideas are much appreciated.

I think you are correct about the relay being the problem. You may be able to locate it by placing a meter across the leads of the pump and have some one watch the reading. Then start tapping relays lightly with the end of a screwdriver handle. When you find the correct one it will probably make the voltage jump up to normal.

Here is a link to a site that is for Soob owners.