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88 Fiero V6 sluggish when after starting

My 88 v6 fiero has 26K miles on it. I only drive it on the weekends. I recently had my inspection done and I barely passed. Too much unused gas is showing up in the exhaust. My mechanic said not to worry because I barely drive it. He said my fuel injectors may be the cause. I was wondering if this could have something to do with the sluggishness of the car when I first start it. It drives great after it warms up.

Whens the last time you filled it up? With as little as you drive, it could just be some older gas in there.

O2 Sensor?

It’s easy to jump two terminals on the diagnostic plug on these and have the car blink you trouble codes on the check engine light. My Fiero V-6 2.8L told me to check the O2 sensor. It was sluggish and black smoke (unburned fuel). I reached down to trace the wire to the sensor and found that the end of the sensor had broken right off! A new sensor and I was fart’n through silk!

You did not like your mechanics instructions to not worry? High HC is a problem that should be dealt with.

Do you have any links to a site that lists the blink to trouble code mapping? Thanks