88 dodge with a 318

I have been having some problems with poor gas millage. I get about 4-5 miles to the gallon right now. Much less then normal. What do you guys think is wrong? Please help.



Timing chain. You’ld be surprised!


A Dodge WHAT?? How many miles? TBI or carburetor?

You need a major tune-up: Rebuilt carburator, plugs, new wires, etc. I would get an estimate because the price of a tune-up has gone sky-high. Also check for faulty vacuum hoses.

4-5 mpg? You must have a leak. Is this an RV? What type of vehicle? What was the “normal” mpg? If it’s an '88 Dodge Omni, you have someone stealing your gas. If it’s an '88 Dodge based travel home, you need a tune-up. A little more information would be helpful. Rocketman