Gas mileage

I used to fill up my tank in my 2000 dodge caravan. The gas used to last 2 weeks. Now with the same routine the gas only last about 3 days what could be the problem

Do You Smell Gasoline?

Are there any lights illuminated that say “check engine” or is there anything else out of the ordinary?

How’s it running?

That’s a lot of gas. I would find out where it’s going before driving any more. There could be a dangerous situation.

Which engine is in there?

The most obvious cause is if you are now driving more miles per day than previously!

Assuming that my first guess is not correct, then the other possible causes include:

*An engine in serious need of maintenance (When did you last replace spark plugs and air filter?)
*A cooling system thermostat that is stuck in the “open” position
*A dragging brake caliper
*Tires that are seriously underinflated
*Carrying a heavy load in the vehicle
*A change in driving environment or driving behavior

Call A Dealer And Give Them Your VIN
Ask About A Recall

Your VIN (vehicle identification number) reported to a Dodge dealer Service Department may save you. Copy the number (lower corner of winshield, looking from outside on driver’s side) exactly, before you call. They can tell you if a recall needs to be done on your van.

There have been recalls for fuel rail leaks and fuel filter leaks.

These may be outstanding and could possibly fix you problem, free of charge.
Without a fix this can be very dangerous and a fire could result.

Please let us know what you find out!

The better way of figuring this out is to simply reset trip odometer at fill up and see how far it goes on a full tank.

Is someone borrowing the car.

As usual, VDCdriver generated the correct check list, but he left of the first one I would think of with a fuel loss this dramatic - Do you park the car outside and do you have a locking gas cap?

I would be on the lookout for a teen-aged boy with a siphon hose near my home or work.

Gender/Age Prejudice

A middle-aged woman with can and hose nearby is not a suspect? Just Joking, this is a possible theory. I was thinking “safety first.”

There are mo lights lit up and I do not smell gas. It is still running fine but I notice a sound when I touch the gas as if I hear the gas releasing. I have V6.

I recently bought the car from a dealership but I will have it mainteneced and see if that is the problem. The tire pressure is good and I am not carrying any heavy loads. I will let you guys know.

The problem could be that you are measuring your fuel usage in days and weeks instead of miles per gallon or gallons per mile.

I would start by getting a locking gas cap to see if that makes a difference.

I’m Going By Info Given…

and I quote: “Now with the same routine the gas only last about 3 days what could be the problem”

Maybe unusually low octane this time ( or this station )compared to your previous ? I can see a definite difference in the consumption rate in my 92 Explorer between 86 and 91 octane fuel. The 91 lasts an amazingly lot longer.

Recalling Recalls

TAMEKASIMS, they were all up to date?

I suppose…if you assume the OP is the only person to drive the car and put gas in it, both back then and now…and you also assume he uses the vehicle for nothing else besides commuting. There are soooooooo many details missing here.

I was working at a shop,got dispatched to me a “crank no start”

Customer said tank was half full,sure enough fuel gague indicated half.

The gague was lying,tank empty,replaced sending unit/pump assy.

I guess the gague wasn’t lying,just spreading rumors.

You wonder why the customer didn’t think “why am I getting such good mileage,I have been driving forever and the gague hasn’t moved.”