88 dodge aries, Starter problem


I have an 88 Aries that I keep as a back up vehicle, and have recently had to call it back into duty, after being in storage for about a year and a half. A tire was blown so I replaced that but when removing the old tire two lugs snapped off, next day I got a new tire and new nuts and studs, when I go that evening to replace them I go to pull the drum off the rear wheel and the brakes came with it with relatively little resistance, now today I get new springs, install them everything goes great and I fully check over the car. I install a newer battery cause the one in there is not holding a charge too well and then when I tried to start it to back it out of the garage it doesn’t start. The starter just makes the rapid clicking sound like it would if the battery were nearly dead. It started fine before the battery change, but now nothing. I tried both batteries and also letting it sit on the charger for a while but nothing. Any ideas? With two broken vehicles this is now the third day that I have had to bike to work and it is not close, its getting really old really fast. Thanks.


I would start by checking the connections at the battery, starter, and engine ground. Make sure they are all clean and tight.