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89 Honda won't start - sometimes

I replaced the starter on my 89 Honda about a yr ago - bought a remanufactured one from Auto Zone. Recently, the car won’t start - I turn the key and nothing. This only happens about every three weeks or so and when I get ready to investigate, it starts right up.

Should I pull off the starter, or is there something else I should look at??

It is a 5 speed, so I can pop the clutch to get out of a jam.

I’ve been there, looking for a hill to park on, that is. I have seen a lot of complaints about AZ starters. You have checked all the electrical connections to the starter?

I have checked and also put on new battery cable ends - checked for a good ground, etc. The intermittent nature is what is killing me - It happened yesterday afternoon and when I got in this morning, I was expecting the same - BUT it started right up!!