88 Camry Wheel Problem

Hello everyone

I wanted to see if I could get some help from here. So recently my wheel has been feeling funny. I can tell when I’m driving especially on turns. And I also noticed I can move the wheel when it’s in park. I can move the tire forward and back and it just feels loose to me. Any thoughts? Thank you to all who reply and can give more info if needed.

It could be worn suspension components, bad tires, maybe bad wheel/lugnuts. You need to have it examined by a good mechanic, this could be a serious safety issue.

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You don’t say if it’s the front or rear tire that you can move forward and back. But it doesn’t matter.

There’s a serious problem with the steering/suspension system. And I would recommend not driving the vehicle until it’s found out what that problem is.



+1 for both above… :point_up_2:

With the wheel fully still on the ground (no jack)???

Forward and back meaning, moving it towards the front bumper and then towards the rear bumper, OR in and out meaning while holding the top of the tire pulling away from the car and then pushing towards the car??

It could be any number of things, but sounds a lot like a wheel bearing going bad (depending on how you are able to move the wheel)…

Two words: tow truck


Your post is so unclear that I don’t know if you are talking about a wheel and tire or a steering wheel.


Are you planning on diagnosing and fixing this problem yourself?

If you have to ask, take it to a shop pronto. Wheels have been known to come of.

Story: I didn’t like the way my Buick was handling especially in the rain and on curves. I had the car aligned but the issue persisted. So I took it to the old guy that I used 50 years before that had the old mechanical bear equipment still. He called me at work and said I had to come look at the car. I said just fix it but he insisted I stop by. Ok so the entire front engine frame was being held on by one body bolt. I guess he took it as a challenge and by hook or crook got the thing back together. I think the whole bill was $225. Only problem was he got grease on my steering wheel.

So have it looked at and don’t take no for an answer.

In the words of the great DW (Darrell Waltrip):
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Wait till the 50 second mark… lol


No, that was Kenny Rogers

:notes:You pick a fine time to leave me loose wheel
With 400 kids and a crop in the field🎶

I should have watched the clip before replying!


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For best help here, suggest to post the vehicle’s make/model/year and which wheel you are concerned about. Is it the steering wheel? One of the four tires?

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It was a Song Parody of Kenny Rodgers “Lucille”, I think it was Jan Unwin that wrote “Loose Wheel”…

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Never quite understood the crop in the field part. It was not harvest time so she wasn’t needed.

I am surprised that you could notice something wrong with th handling of a Buick. Every one I ever drove rode smoothly on a good road but wallowed like a pig when pushed.

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A riviera though is a sport Buick, not a standard one.

True enough. The last Buick I drove that I liked was my stepfathers 40 or 41 Century Club Coupe with the twin side mounts and compound carbs, (2 two barrels).

It was quicker and had a higher top speed than the 49 olds V8.

I had a 1972 Bucick Electra 225, for the era handled fairly well.
C&D did a muscle car challenge in 66 or 67, Buick declined to provide a GS400, Buick figured other manufacturers would cheat, and they did. Cars provided by all other manufacturers, including other GM products, were set up for the ‘shoot out’ by professional racers. C&D bought a showroom stock Buick, it was able to score higher in many of the tests than cars setup by the professionals.

I will have to say that the used Buicks I bought were after looking for Oldsmobiles but finding Buicks instead. I wanted toranodos but just weren’t any not all beat up. We did order a new park avenue though but after looking at the olds first. Don’t remember why, dealer, price, interior, or something, picked the Buick. It was the downsized 86, fwd, 3800, 4 speed od and the wife liked it.

One of the better cars of the miserable mid eighties.

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