'87 Chevy Silverado named Powder



First, this truck was gift. Tells ya something. However, it’s a free truck that has now consumed my free time trying to fix one annoying problem:

The truck “floods out” often, usually after driving a very short distance. Here are the circumstances: starts rough, but always has; once it warms up, idles fine; start to drive a little, it will immediately stall, usually after trying to accelerate from a stop; croaks; smells of gasoline after; let it sit a couple of hours, it will usually start up again; it has dual tanks (one of which we disconnected because of a leak); while trying to start it after flooding, you can switch tanks and get it to start, until the fuel line empties; it seems to be worse when it is humid; during hot days she runs just fine

Things I have done to try to correct this:

replaced the inline fuel filter (located underneath passenger side)

replaced plugs (needed to be done anyway)

replaced oxygen sensor

Any help for a cheap-o shade-tree mechanic.


TBI right? More than likely it’s starving for fuel, not flooding…Is there a fuel pump in each tank??


I’m not really convinced it’s a fuel issue. The damp conditions issue and the impression I’m getting of sudden death makes me think more along the lines of ignition. It’s perfectly normal to get gasoline smell if you’ve got an ignition problem because obviously you’re getting fuel, but it’s not getting ignited so it’s hanging around (this is especially true of a TBI motor). Next time it’s in no-start mode I’d throw a spark tester on it. And cap, rotor and wires to go along with the plugs wouldn’t be a bad idea.


This engine has an ignition control module that’s really intermittent. Spark plug wires also become intermittent in humid weather as they age.