A little cranky starting sometimes

my 98’ Silverado usually starts with just a turn of the key, lately has been a little cranky, needs a little gas to start sometimes, i’ve flooded it, and had to wait…otherwise seems to run fine…what could the matter be? I was going to throw in fuel injector cleaner? it seems like it’s not getting any gas when this happens?

How many miles? When was the last spark plug change? How about plug wires?

The injection cleaner is not likely to damage anything, but it is even less likely to fix anything. I believe BustedKnuckles advice is your best starting point. Does it seem worse in wet weather?

Yes! it did start acting up on a rainy day, I was hoping for a cheaper fix than a tune-up, but will make an appt for one, thanks! It’s got 104,000, I just got it.