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86 Plymouth Caravelle

Died. No spark. Power Loss is flashing 5 times. The rest of the electric seems to work. I haven’t a clue if the fuel pump may have died and if so, would that kill the spark? I don’t know if this car is smart enough for that. Any ideas?

The computer on this car is not as capable as later models. It can give you codes for emission system failures but will not tell you of missing distributor signels. You are going to have to check that the coil is getting power; that the high voltage system is not arcing over i.e. clean the coil HV tower and the distributor cap; that the ignitor is working; and that the pulse generator in the distributor has not failed.

It is not likely that a fuel pump failure has affected the igntion system unless there is a common fuse. But, check the fuses that power the engine systems. If you still suspect the pump check the fuel pressure when you turn the key to ‘on’ and ‘crank’ Also listen at the gas tank for the characteristic hum of the pump in the tank.

Get back to us with the results of further diagnosis.