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86 caprice classic 305 timing

if the timing gear is off a tooth can u fix that by rotating the distributor or do i have to pull the timing cover back off and do it that way thanks, i put a noisy gear drive on it and the gear drive bottom gear dot was located like one tooth over on the gear but on the stock gear it lined streight up so i went with the stock gear to line the craank up then just put the gear drive gear on dont no if that will throw the timing off since its dead on with the stock gear but not with the gear drive gear

If the chain on your crank/cam timing gears is off by a tooth, then nothing you can do with the distributor timing will fix it. The only way to fix it is to pull the timing cover off and get the crank/cam gears aligned properly.

That is correct. Next time, make sure it is right, and if it’s wrong, fix it before you put it back together.

If you think this may be an issue, or if you will be changing a lot of things on this engine relating to camshaft timing, you might get a split timing cover kit. Several companies make them and sell them through the Summit Racing catalog. These covers allow you to change your camshaft or timing chain/gear sets without removing the oil pan.

It was running FINE before you messed with it, right? Just leave it alone!

You can’t correct the valve timing by moving the distributor. It is OK if you lined things up with the stock sprockets. It’s probably perfect. Sometimes you have to adapt just like you did. When you’re the man on the spot, it’s good to be a decider.

You were able to line it up with the old sprocket and chain because they were worn and had a lot of play. The new timing set was very tight and you needed to move the crank and cam to line up the dots.

ok i had no chain on it, i just used the old gear sprockets to line the dots up upper and lower. when i put the new upper sprocket on it was cool but when i put the new lower sprocket on the dot was 1 over the sprocket timing gear dot cant be moves the gear dont stretch the teeth just wears out right. so thats y i put the gear drive on and then put the timing chain gear on to line up the dots then took it off and left it there even though the gear drive dot was a little over, i will b changing the tab on it so i can fix it if yall think i did it wrong

I don’t follow you on the procedure you used but the timing marks must be lined up or the cam is out of time.

ok, i took the gear from the gear drive and the gear from the timing chain(bottom gears)and put the together and the dots were not in the same place on the gear the gear drive gear was one tooth over from were the timing gears dot was, so since the car ran good b4 i went with the timing gear dot to set my timing then took it off then put the gear drive gear back on and left it there even though it was a tooth off with it but not with the chain gear, did i do it right

here is the gear drive the bottom gear dot is a little to the left. but if i slide the stock timing chain gear on with or with out the gear drive gear it’s dot lines up perfect like they put the gear drive dot in the wrong spot

That looks like the after-market Edelbrock Accu-Drive Camshaft Gear Drive.

If it is, there’s an Edelbrock pdf file with an description for how to align it.
That file is at:

You or the engine will never know the difference. That 305 will not care one bit.