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1986 caprice classic 305 engine

i have 2 questions

1—what could it be if the gas guage is not working is it the sending unit

2—what are yall thoughts on a noisy gear drive on a stock 305 with a gilmer belt drive and hei distributer.

thanks for all answers in advance

i already have the gear drive

Post deleted.

1: It’s either the sending unit, the wiring, the ground, or the gauge.

2: I think it would look and sound goofy, especially in this car, with a Gilmer belt drive and noisy gear drive. Neither will give you any performance advantages, either, unless your timing chain is shot. Your car should already have an HEI distributor.

yea i think its shot do u

It’s definitely worn, although I have seen worse. I don’t believe this car uses a knock sensor, but if it does the gear drive will not work. Some of those gear drives also require some light machining work to make them fit, so bear that in mind if you really want to use it. The only real reason to use a gear drive is because you like the way they sound. If you do like the way they sound, go for it. If you don’t, well, timing sets for this car are cheap. You might as well do something with it while you have it apart this far.

if it does have a knock senser can i remove it. when i change my intake manifold and distributer

A knock sensor will be present if you have fuel injection or electronic spark control. If your vehicle has a check engine light, it probably has a knock sensor. It will be mounted on the side of the engine block. I don’t think this car has one, but it may. Removing more modern controls and going to the basic “old school” setup will eliminate the need for a knock sensor, but if you are subject to vehicle inspections you will fail them.

with the timing cover off and i removed the bottom gear from the crank witch spun a little. so my question is

can i just turn it back to line it back up. or does that mess with the timing.

how do i go about setting it back to top dead center to line up the 2 cranks.

If in doubt, turn the crank about 30 degrees past TDC in either direction, line up the cam mark, then move the crank back to the TDC mark to install your chain and gears. This is a good general precaution that works with any motor, although I’m almost certain the smallblock Chevy is not an interference engine, so valve contact shouldn’t be a concern. It doesn’t hurt to be extra careful.

This car was born a slug and it will always be a slug. They run fine the way GM made them…(they made millions of them with various nameplates and trim packages) The timing chain looks perfect. Close the hood and drive it…