84 cutlas - starter most likely problem here?

so the other day I turn the key on my 84 cutlas supreme - nothing happens - 5 seconds later I turn the key and it starts right up… fast forward to 2 days later - I turn the key and nothing. And it wont start no matter what I do. So I call roadside assistance and they try and jump it and still nothing… the guy tells me the battery is fine. I go out to the car later that night and try and start it a few times and nothing.

Next morning I go out and give it another shot… and it starts right up on the first try.

its 90 degrees here during the day and 55 at night… i’m thinking the starter solenoid is getting stuck and the nightly cold temp unstuck it perhaps?

Im about to go have a rebuilt starter put in… does anyone think it could be anything else like the ignition? Or are the odds good its the starter?

Thx 4 your help.

Sean G

Sounds like starter. Does the ignition key have the resistor in it? If so, you may want to try another key.

No - the key on my ring is a copy - and I went and looked at the original on my GFs keyring and no resister there either.

The next time it won’t start, place the transmission in neutral and then try starting it.

If it starts, there’s a problem with the park/neutral safety switch.


Thanks tester - but it just so happens that the roadside assistance guy did just that - although at the time I didn’t know why - now I do…