1997 Olds Cutlass Supreme Unusual Starting Problem

The car starts fine the first thirty to forty starts, but after that when I put the key in the ignition and turn the key, nothing happens! The engine can be cold or hot. If you wait five minutes and then crank the engine, it will start right up. The following items have been replaced: Starter, Alternator, and Battery.

To me it sounds like an ignition switch or a security system problem.

Good luck

I assume this is an automatic and if so try moving the shifter around in the Park position while cranking the engine. If the starter works, then check the adjustment of the neutral safety switch. The ignition switch connections could be the source of the trouble also.

We’re having a similar problem with a '97 Olds 88 – it only happens periodically. The car will start and then it dies right away, and the security light comes on. Then we can’t get the car to restart.

The last time this was happening, my brother noticed it was quite humid in the car. There had been several rainy days for awhile, and the car had not been driven for awhile, the windows were closed up. After the car aired out for a couple of days, my brother was able to start the car without a problem.

I wonder if the submitter of this question, has gotten his car fixed yet.

How much will such a repair cost? This is a second car which I only drive when I visit Chicago, Il (from CA), and my brother drives periodically to keep it running for when I come in to visit.