Allroad starting issues and other questions

I just purchased an 04 Audi allroad with a 4.2 engine. Love the car and how it drives.

Problem is, now that it’s getting cold,i am having trouble getting started in the morning.

When I turn the key, the accessories turn on but when I completely turn the key it won’t start. No clicking, no draw down on the voltmeter. Nothing.

I have to turn the key on and off, over and over. So much, that my arm tires and feels sore (maybe 25 times). Finally the car responds and fires right up. From that point on, it fires instantly, no problem.

I experimented and parked in the garage at night. No problem.

Thought I’d try to simply heat the steering column and dash so I ran a space heater on the floorboard all night. Still had trouble in the morning. Maybe not as much trouble, but still reticent to start.

Any ideas? I tried juggling the gear shift lever to no avail. Feels like the switch simply isn’t making connection. But how is that impacted by cold weather? And why after only starting for a few seconds, does the car start instantly again?


Automatic transmission? If so, have you tried shifting into NEUTRAL and attempting a start?

Assuming the battery is good and the battery cable ends are clean a no-start/no click issue could point to a neutral safety switch issue (the above), an ignition switch fault (electrical part of the switch), a security system fault, or a faulty starter motor.

I have jiggled the shifter while turning the key. no luck.

I have also tried starting in neutral. No luck.

Battery is brand new. Cables are good. When you turn the key, there is no voltage drop or drain, no noise, no click, no nothing.

I think I convinced my mechanic to order me a new ignition switch and can maybe get it installed next week.

It could very well be the ignition switch. The way to determine or at least prove this out is to…

Turn your key all the way on…in the run position.

Get under your hood and find your starter relay

Remove the starter relay and put a jumper wire between terminals 87 and 30…this will bypass the starter signal from your ignition switch and immediately engage the starter, so dont be scared when you hear the starter fire up and the engine starts…

If the starter engages and the engine starts up…you just proved out a bad ignition switch…

Sounds like you’re on the right track with the ignition switch. I’ve also seen such problems from a worn ignition key. If yours is really worn and you have another that’s not worn you might see if that helps.