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84 Camaro Z28

I have a modified Camaro with a different engine and transmission. OEM it was a 305 automatic. I now has a 406 6 speed. My question is about the clutch. I does not engage until it is almost all the way out and then seems to slip at higher rpm or under load in higher gears. The pedal is from an old 5 speed car. The clutch is hydraulic so I do not have a way to adjust it. Any ideas? My mechanic has little advice. Thanks.

Sounds like a worn out clutch.


Yes it really sounds like a worn out clutch,the engages at the top of the pedal is the best clue,why could this not be a possibility? I ask because your mechanic will not consider the possibility, would you give him the job to replace the clutch? Who did all the mods. on the car? Anyone who could make these mods work surley can diagnosis clutch problems.

Yep, it sounds to me like it is time for a new clutch.

Sounds like the extra power from the 406 killed the clutch. You may want to consider an uprated clutch like a Centerforce dual ram setup. It won’t have the greatest of street manners, but clamping power will be much better. Also how many Night Ranger tapes do you have and how many people have you murdered? J/K :slight_smile: I couldn’t resist.

My vote is also for a worn out clutch; assuming there is not a mix and match problem with this 6 speed transmission and flywheel/clutch parts.

Just one question: What part of this car s Z28? The Z28 used a 302 engine. I had a 305 in my very family Malibu. If the original engine was the 305, the only similarity is the Camaro badge.

Umm the last Camaro to use a 302 was the 69 model. The 305 was the only engine offered in the 84 Z28. I think the automatic models got the H.O. L69 variant and the manual models got the less powerful LG4 version.

Thanks. A mere shadow of it’s former self, huh?

I wish it were that simple. I just put a new clutch in it and have not had a chance to really drive it that much. I put in a brand new heavy duty dual clutch setup. Everything in the car is either new or rebuilt.

My first thoughts,why did you not tell us these questions are the result of a recent clutch replacement? But you already have your answer posted by OK4450,your parts are not compatible.

The clutch slipped before so I had a new one put in so it was not a result of the clutch replacement. So which parts are not compatible? The clutch pedal, flywheel, the hydro lines? This is absolutely no help whatsoever.

My point being that none of us know exactly what parts were used in this build and not all small block Chevy stuff is the same.

If a flywheel being used pushes a pressure plate back which then allows it to put pressure on the throwout bearing all of the time which means a situation similar to riding the clutch pedal with your foot…

Sorry we’re of no help whatsoever but all I can suggest is that you make sure there’s osme freeplay involved in all of this.

And I have no idea why your mechanic can’t figure out a basic clutch slippage problem.