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82 ElCamino

what causes carburator to stick wide open at times. have had two different carburators put on and rebuilt. Problem still happened with both. 305 engine 4bbl 82 ElCamino

Then I’d guess it was the linkage, not the carbs, that was binding up.

The man is a genius, I tell ya, a true and honest genius.
Yup, I agree.

If the linkage uses a cable, there could be rust inside the cable. Working the cable while oiling it at each end might help, but replacement would be better.

Now when it sticks wide open, what made that throttle open up like that in the first place?

Does this problem only occur when the pedal is put to the floor or do the RPMs start rising on their own after partial acceleration?

Other than the accelerator cable as mentioned, there’s the possibility of a hanging transmission kickdown cable or a vacuum line problem related to a choke pull diaphragm or vacuum secodary if the carb is equipped with the latter.