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82' cutlass vinyl to convertible?

i just bought a 1982 oldsmobile cutlass. anyone know how much or even if its possible to put on a ragtop?

This applies to any vehicle that wasn’t orignally designed as a convertible.


Pardon the intrusion, Tester, but what does a Toyota igniter malfunction have to do with making a hardtop a convertible? Oops, you fixed it

What I believe Tester’s correct link would explain is that on modern cars, the roof is a part of the rigidity of the entire car, and without it, it would fold in half. Factory convertibles are made with extra reinforcing to compensate and prevent the car from folding. To actually do this, you’d need to add a lot of steel to stiffen the rest of the car, or get an engineer to determine how to design the correct reinforcing to compensate.

Basically, if you want a convertible, buy one that was factory made.

Would you settle for a moonroof?

With enough money you can do almost anything. In this case you are going to need to spend far more than the car is worth to do it.