82 Benz automatic diesel

A bum vacuum control valve on 82 Benz 240D cannot be found and makes great car unusable. (Controls the pressure to modulator which controls shifting.Part 1230700046 or 6170700246 I believe.) Back ordered in every parts store and dealer and can’t even find used. Got sources?

Mercedes is supposed to be very good about providing parts for its older cars. Back ordered means they still have them, right, just not in stock.

Try Hemmings.com, too, there are lots of good parts sources there.

Three dealers said that they had little hope of getting the part. Will try Hemmings though, thanks. FK

It should be a fairly common part. If you can’t find it through the usual on-line parts houses (GOOGLE '82 240D Vacuum Modulator), then try here and they’ll have it.
Scroll down to “Parts”.

Are you sure the problem is with the valve, and are you sure the problem is JUST the valve? Your car depends heavily on good strong vacuum to run all sorts of systems. You’ll fond all sorts of old brittle hoses and cracked and broken connections on a 26 year old car. To diagnose you need a Mity-Vac and a vacuum diagram.