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8.24.2019: Ants in the car

In this recent episode, a listener shared a complaint about ants that have infected her car.

An easy way to resolve this is by using an ant gel bait. It’s a biological agent resembling food, which is carried by the ant back to the nest and poisons its residents.

The gel is available from a variety of manufacturers can be purchased online.

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The show has been in re-runs since late 2014 when Tommy passed away.

Thanks for the tip

I’ve never experienced an ants-in-the-car problem until a recent car rental experience. Somewhere between Denver and San Jose the car somehow picked up a heck of a lot of very small ants, mostly located in the engine compartment area and hood for some reason. I wonder what these ants were thinking?

I know this is about ants, but what about spiders? Usually spiders don’t bother me much, but they will startle the hell out of you if they drop down right in front of your face while on the highway.