Several months ago my house was attacked by ants. After several weeks and repeeated visits by the pest control guy, the ants are for the most part gone (or at least under control). My problem now is my car, where the ants apparently have taken up residence. My car is parked in the gravel lot in front of my house, not in an attached garage. I do not have any foodstuffs in my car, and I have vacuumed the car five or six times, but I continue to see ants crawling on the console and the dash, even after I went out of town and parked my car in a long term parking lot at the airport. What do I do to kill off these ants?

Something like these should do (Home Depot, Lowes, etc):

Also–check the glove compartment and the console to be sure that you don’t have any food sources lurking within. A forgotten package of peanut butter crackers, or a candy bar, or…God only know what else…could be providing a food source and an attractant for the ants.

Contact the Department of Agriculture office at your statehouse. They have experts in this area and their services are free.

Some years back a friend of mine started seeing little brown bugs around her house. We searched for the source, cleaned and cleaned, and could not solve the problem. We called the Dept of Agriculture office. They asked us to bring them some samples, which we did. They told us exactly what the bugs were, including the scientific name, how they lived, what they fed on, what they nested in, and everything about them. Armed with that data, we immediately located the nest and eliminated the problem entirely.

You could use a boric acid containing gel like Bonide. It controls ants using generally non toxic boric acid. If they don’t go for it then you have a non house type ant. You may want to resist using a pesticide in your car as it may damage plastics and your health.