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'75 Triumph Tr6

I am attempting to remove the rear wheel hubs so that I can pack the bearings. I have removed the brake drum, brake shoes etc. The axle nut has to be removed to remove the drum. I have tried my gear puller with impact hammer, as well as heating the hub red hot, but it won’t budge. Am I missing something? I have removed the hubs on a number of trucks and vehicles but all the tricks I know have not helped. I don’t want to damage anything by proceeding to more drastic means. The vehicle has sat for 10 years and I am in process of redoing the entire brake system as well as the clutch system with new master and slave cylinders, etc. I am trying to ready the vehicle for summertime daily . drive out to my suburban garden. Bought the vehicle over 15yras ago from a Vol of America auction.
Thank You for your time and advice.

Do you have a service manual for your TR6?

The rear bearings don’t require repacking. Just keep the rear differential fluid at the proper level and the bearings will get the proper lubrication.


I have a Clymer which I bought several years back, used of course, and as I was searching for the schematics, I then noted that the last 35 pages were missing, which included the rear brake section. I was hoping someone would be able to give me a quick fix. My local library has a fantastic selection of manuals but not on the Tr6 such as a Hayes of Chiltons.

I haven’t messed with one of these things in the last 25 years and my memory is very fuzzy but didn’t this model have independent rear suspension with U-joints on the axle shafts?

Look up and follow the prompts for free catalogs. They have very good on-line diagrams of everything on those cars along with MGs, Austin Healys, etc.
They’re also great people to deal with.

What I would be very concerned with here is your comment about heating the hub red hot. Applying heat with a torch is one thing but if the term “red hot” means just that then I would be very concerned about a number of things. The seals will not only be cooked but it’s quite possible that the bearings are ruined (or will soon fail) and the metallurgical integrity of those red hot parts will be compromised as the engineers may phrase it.
(Love these cars though. One of my all time favorite British cars.) :slight_smile:

ok4450: I may have overstated in that I did heat the hub but it did not turn red hot, but your concern is valid in that I may have disrupted some of the integrity of essential components.
Thank You for your comments.