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2004 Ford Escape power steering fluid Wrong Type?

A few months ago I went to my local Ford Dealer to get some Mercon ATF fluid for the power steering on my 04 Ford Escape. They sold me Ford Power steering Fuid for Type F applications. F7AZ-3F823-AA. They stated they use it all the time.

It has been several months and the cars power steering has started to make a whinning or dry sound when turning. After checking several sites on the net I found information that states the the F fluid should not be used in the newer Fords and only Mercon V should be used.

I have several questions.

Could the F fluid be causing the noise?

Would a power steering fluid flush and replacing the fluid with Mercon solve the noise?

Is the damage already done?

Any help would be apprecaiated.

Steve S

They should have sold you Mercon V as Mercon is no longer sold by Ford and Mercon V will work. You could have picked up some Mercon at an auto parts store. I can’t say if Type F will work or will damage. The statements that you found about Mercon V and Type F might refer only to transmissions and not PS, but I can’t say for sure. I can’t imagine why the stealership sold you type F unless they have a rail car full of it that they need to get rid of.

What does your owner’s manual say on the subject?

I would definitely flush out the TypeF if it isn’t the right type. But some damage may have been done.

I appreciate you responding to my question.