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Power steering fluid

I have a 1966 ford thunderbird with power steering. I was checking the fluids in my car one day and I noticed that my power steering fluid level was low. So I went to look in my shop manual to see what fluid went in it. It specified to put type F automatic transmission fluid into the power steering pump. I went and talked with a local mechanic on the matter and he said that the tranny fluid had I high level of detergents in it and it would cause seal failure. He said that I should use power steering fluid. To my knowladge, power steering fluid is a fairly new power transfer fluid. Can anyone tell me which one I should put into my power steering pump?

Thank you to those who do.

Ford has used ATF for many, many years…It will not damage oil seals. Your system by the way is a Rube-Goldberg contraption of valves and hoses and a hydraulic cylinder connected to the drag-link…Leaks and seeps are common to the point of being “normal”…