700R4 GM transmission

When installing clutch packs, is it okay to have one set of steel plates back to back to get the correct clearance? Or is the clutch kit not the right one? idea?

I am no trans man, but I would think that would be a no. I would think that you would want a clutch in between the steel plates for proper operation… Just a guess.

I agree with @WheresRick here and I’m going to say no as well. Steel on steel will cause slipping and will cause wear on those plates. The steel particles will then be distributed throughout the transmission. Not a good thing.

Unless they are bonafide, dedicated shims no,these are pretty good transmissions.I would call or hand around a tranny shop with a good reputation and find out,so you are doing it yourself ,eh?-Kevin

There will be no friction between to adjacent metal clutch plates. Two adjacent plates would result in one thick plate but I wouldn’t suggest that doing so would be preferable to following proper assembly techniques. Where is @transman?

I notice in reviewing a GM transmission book that on some applications the 3-4 apply plate is followed by another steel plate. After that it is friction/steel/friction, etc. until the last plate before the backing plate is a friction. Why that doubled plate is there the reference did not say. I know that the 3-4 clutch is troublesome in the 700R4.

I was hoping that Transman618 would post in. You might try to email him as he was the ultimate authority on GM transmissions – especially the 700R4.