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What is it ( a classic muscle car-project car) worth?

The car was bought as a project car for my son. It has been in my garage out rain and whether for 6 years. When he got it he did the following:

sandblasted the frame

applied 2 coats of rust resistant paint. (POR-15)

new body bushings installed (graphite-poly)

The rear end is a AM 12-bolt, 3.73 gear ratio (Eaton posi-traction differential);

New axles from Tom’s -professionally assembled;

Disc brakes were part of a purchase from MasterPower Brakes; includes drilled and slotted rotors, new calypers and new master cylinder; no brake lines

The original dash was cut up so a replacement was bought for it.

There are newly covered rear seats and a bench set for the front.

The front suspension has been completely rebuilt with all new parts: Moog joints, graphte-poly bushings, new springs, new calipers, refurbished steering box; all have been painted their original factory color (or close to it);

There are a pair of aftermarket rear upper A-arsm;

A couple of mody mount bolts have snapped off;

No engine mounts brackets are installed

All the body panels are there.

All the glass is there; the front windshield has a good crack in it.

My son went off to college and is out of state now. So it is in my garage and he no longer wants to continue the restoration.

VIN 1381777151634

What (approximately) can I sell it for?

year and model of car?? Engine?

Oops- forgot the most important information- 1967 Chevelle 1967 Super Sport

While all the parts are good, the major factors (besides make and model, which we now know) are the condition of the body, frame, engine (original? which one? running? etc…) and tranny. What can you tell us about them?

Sorry, more information:

Bought without an engine or transmission. The body is in good condition in that all body panels are there and all glass is there. Windshield has a crack in it, but it is all there.

Open E-bay. Open “advanced search”. Enter 1967 Chevelle. click “completed auctions only”. See what comes up…

Since this can never be a “numbers matching” factory built car, what you are selling is a parts car. Don’t expect big bucks…But if you can find the right guy, you should do OK. Be warned, the market is terrible right now. Money is very tight…

Man, that’s a hard one. Does you son have any friends that seemed interested in the project that might want to buy it? If all those new parts are still in boxes or easily removed you could craigslist them (rear axle, brakes, etc.) (lot of work), or craigslist the whole thing, but you’ll be lucky to find someone wanting a just-started project. With the current economy, I can’t imagine you’d get a lot. I’d just be guessing.

this completely depends on the engine it originally came with.
if it truly is an SS, then it depends if it had a 4 speed.
the VIN doesnt say about value, check the body stamp. see what equipment came with it. 6 cyl.'s are always cheaper then V8’s.

wait a second, why do you want to sell it?

EBay is a horrible place to get value on cars. and its not a parts car, its a project car. you dont go this far on a parts car.

Project was started by my son, who says he no longer wants to continue the restoration. He now is in another state. The car is in my garage and I want to clear out the garage. I think it is a true Chevelle Super Sport according to the VIN number. I need to verify that the VIN no. tag was never changed with a fake tag and number.

Here is one that DID SELL on ebay. The stuff in red ink did not sell. Green ink sold. As you can see, only 10% of the listings sell.

Is there a title for this car? Without a title it can be hard to register a car in many states. Therefore title or no title is important info to consider in buying and selling any car.

Of course, that one is way more valuable, it runs, with engine, etc. What we have here are a bunch of parts, some new, no engine, no tranny.

Yes. I have the title.

The car might be worth more by selling individual parts, including that title and its matching VIN plate…I suspect as a package, $2000-$3000 is all you could hope for…

VIN he provided shows to be an actual SS hard top.
13817 Super Sport 8 cyl Two door hardtop.
info from
they also offer free advertising of your car for sale.