6r80 transmission pan gasket dilemma

Interesting. I’ve used thin copper wire wound around the bolt in a similar manner to re-jigger my carb’s accel pump stripped mounting holes, but never used the add’l JB Weld. One thing I’d worry about w/the JB Weld is it might be nearly impossible to remove the bolt for later servicing. Did you have that problem?

I turned the bolts into studs by cutting off only the threaded [prtion and after putting the pan back on after the JB Weld hardened secured it with a nut and lock washer… Any of the JB I got on the mating surfaces or protruding threads I carefully wiped off before it hardened. To take off the pan, the studs stayed in place and you just removed the nuts.

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Great idea. I think I can use that for my carb as well. Nuts will hold the accel pump in place as well as bolts I expect. Not sure what the carb is made of, but it is a pretty crumbly material.

I was working in a Chrysler-Plymouth dealership back in the 70s when this transition happened.

One day as I was finishing up a rear differential repair, I walked up to the parts counter to get a replacement gasket. The parts guys told me they just got word there will be no more gaskets for that, and instead to use RTV sealer.

I, along with every mechanic in the shop was surprised to learn of this. And everyone looked at the finished job while it was still on the lift, just to satisfy their curiosity on if it worked or not.

Not being a mechanic, my perspective might be different. I never questioned whether the RTV is generally effective for sealing. I have used it before and never had a leak problem (“when used as directed”). But every time I’ve pulled a pan or whatever that was sealed with RTV, I found cleaning it up to be a nuisance. So since I regularly serviced my own regularly (which means the clean-up is on me and not all that rare) I’ve always just preferred gaskets since they tend to just peel right off cleanly. That does depend on the type of gasket tho.

I was also always paranoid about having squeeze-out shards ending up floating around inside of things (like transmissions). But that’s partly a “use as directed” and experience thing, I’d imagine.

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