69 honda accord rpm drops to zero then starts again

my 1996 honda accord’s rpms drop to zero while i have cruise control on but does not die. after a few seconds it kicks back up and runs normally. when it happens without the cruise on or when i put it in nuetral it dies. the mechanic told me that i needed a catalytic converter, muffler and o2 sensor. those have been replaced but my car still does this. what could cause this. the error code has one for the manifold which the mechanic checked and he said it was fine. the other cose is P0B62 which doen’t have a description anywhere. what could be wrong?

I suspect that is P0862 not P08B2. Maybe you can fine it that way.

I don’t see how that sounded like a Converter or O? sensors. It seems a lot of people see an O? reading error and just replace them all.

Good Luck

This may be what’s wrong.

Pursue this with the dealer and it could possibly not cost you anything.

I would have the mechanic look at the ignition system as the tach gets its signel from either the coil or the computer. If the coil is not firing or the computer is not getting the correct input, the engine will lose power or die depending on the conditions you describe. It could also be anything that would cause power to the computer and ignition to be interupted, i.e. fuse, relay, ignition switch, etc.