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68 mustang power steering control valve

i have a 68 mustang and i rebuilt the power steering control valve i installed the control valve,fill with fluid and when i started the steering wheel,started moving crazy from left to right by itself.

I believe you did something wrong. You may need to send it off, and have the pros look at it. These are the guys I am going to do my power steering pump and box in my '62 TBird:

There is a balance spring that needs to be adjusted. It is under the cap held on by the two screws. As I remember you put the front up on stands with the wheels free of the ground; remove the cap; loosen the jam nut; place the wheels in the straight ahead position; run the engine; tighten or loosen the spring nut until the power steering cylinder does not move; lock the spring nut with the jam nut; and replace the cover.

Although I am partial to the 67 Mustang, you have a rad ride there. Hope that helps.