67 Mustang slips out of park

Frind of mine just purchased a 67 Mustang Automatic tranny. When he puts the car in park alot of the times the car will keep moving and he has to engage the parking brake to keep it still. Cannot park on a slight hill either. Key is out of the ignition also Any suggestions. Thanks

[b]There’s a component in the transmission called the parking pawl. This is like a finger that moves over to lock the transmission when it’s shifted into park.

In a 67 Mustang? I wouldn’t be surprised if the parking pawl was worn out.


You might want to start by checking the adjustment of the shift linkage.

Good advice, and IIRC, there’s a press-in plastic bushing in that linkage that may be worn out and/or popped out of place. Then the linkage can’t put the trans. completely into the Park position.