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2010 Ford Transit Connect - Rolls when in park

we put it in park and it rolls?? is there an adjustment we can make?

Your parking pawl could be broken.

However, why isn’t your parking brake on when you park?


Regardless of what the “right” thing to do is, some of us drivers (my guess is a majority) do not use the parking brake and instead rely entirely on leaving the auto tranny in park when on more or less level ground.

If the park setting didn’t hold it however, I would use the brake.

I must be in the minority then because I’ve used the parking brake for decades.

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I use it, my wife doesn’t. I feel like a lot of people don’t use the parking brake.

The Mrs. pulls the lever until the ratchet clicks maybe twice so it’s really not doing any good. Then she’s surprised when she ends up driving with the parking brake on. I wonder how common that is?

My late aunt didn’t use it… until her '70s era Ford rolled away one day and damaged her car as well as several others. That incident made her a believer in using the parking brake every time.

Personally, the only time that I don’t use it is in my own garage. The pitch of the floor is such that the car couldn’t roll away.

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It’s possible when you think it’s in P, it really isn’t, or P isn’t fully engaged. Ask you shop to check all the mechanical linkages between the shift lever and the transmission. You might be able to see something wrong yourself by asking a helper to sit in the car and move the shift lever back and forth while you crawl under the car & watch the linkage movements with a flashlight.