67 Alfa Duetto winter storage and fuel

I have a 67 Ala Romeo Duetto. It has twin webers and it took me several month / years to get them right. Now they are right, good power, equal distribution no motor vibration. What is the best method for winter storage. I rarely start the car, I have a battery maintainer and 1/2 to a full tank of gas. Should I put a petcock in the fuel line and run it out of fuel before storage? I hate to put any additives in the fuel or oil. This will ensure no goop or deposits are built while it sits.

I would drain the gas out of it. The shelf life of gasoline varies so it’s anybody’s guess on how good that gas will be in 6 months.

A couple of years ago I put about 5 gallons of fresh gasoline in one of my project cars (tank previously drained, new fuel lines, etc.) and less than 5 months later that gasoline was so degraded the car would not even cough when trying to start it.
A gasoline sample was nearly impossible to set on fire with a match.

I would add that this led to partial disassembly of the carburetor and it looked horrible on the inside; and it had been modifed and cleaned before that last batch of fresh gas.