Twins and tall Dad



I have newborn twins and I am 6’11" so I cannot fit in my ford focus at all with the 2 car seats in it. My daily commute, plus taking the kids to daycare, is 30 miles each way. Is there a vehicle that want cost above 25K that can fit us all (oh yea, the dog too for trips) and get somewhat good gas mileage for the commute


You, my friend, are in the market for a minivan. There is a reason they are popular with families.


This poses a problem alright.

Firstly, your twins will have to face the rear of the vehicle when in the proper car seat.

The majority of baby car seats are too wide to be mounted side by side so they need a space between them, and that consumes the rear seat in almost every car.

Your height will be a REAL deciding factor.

You may fit into a station wagon or cross-over suv/van.

Include the dog and you’re looking at a minivan such as a Honda Odyssey(sp?).

At any rate, you will have to do a physical search to see what fits.
Good luck.


Get over your prejudices and get a mini-van. There is no substitute. Lots of room, headroom, safe enough and you will save your back when loading the kids into the car seats.


Since you’re already driving a Ford, I would highly recommend you try out the Ford 500/Mercury Montego (renamed Taurus/Sable in '08). I am 6’10" myself, and I love the fit of these cars. I can slide the drivers seat all the way back, then get into the back seat behind the drivers seat… and my knees barely touch the seat back!! Pretty decent gas mileage for a large car as well @ 28-29 on the highway.


Oh yeah, wanted to add I bought a Montego Premier in Feb for $24,600. I’m sure you know not to get a moonroof as they use ~2" of head room.


The Chevy Equinox has a sliding rear seat that should give you plenty of leg room as the driver and still let you put the kid’s seats in the rear. And the dog can ride in the way-back.

Consider minivans, too. We have one and it works very well for us (family of 6 including dog). I’ve found that the power seats provide the most versatility, but you still need to make sure you fit. But you learned that long ago.