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Carseat friendly wagon

I am looking for suggestions for a wagon that will comfortably fit a carseat (or 2) in the back seat, and will still allow someone to sit comfortably in the front seat. We have a new baby, and the carseat barely fits in the back seat of my Subaru Impreza wagon – we have to put the front seat way up and can’t recline at all.

So we have decided we need a new, larger car. I hate large cars, but I am tired of being smushed and uncomfortable in the front seat. I like small cars and am anti-SUV (but my husband wants an SUV, although it’s my money…).

Does anyone have a recommendation for a wagon with back seat large enough to comfortably fit a carseat, so that the person in the front seat has some legroom and can recline a bit?

I have been thinking about a Toyota Matrix, a Subaru Outback (or Legacy if it’s still the same as an Outback) or a Volvo wagon.

Thoughts? Thanks!


Step ALL THE WAY UP! You want comfort, safety and unlimited interior accommodations?? Why saddle yourself with an econo-box maintenance nightmare?

We love our Subaru Legacy wagon aka Subaru Outback. The new ones (2010+) get wonderful MPG even better than Impreza and have lots of room inside.

Matrix will be cramped. Volvo works but pricey to repair when they break down.

:slight_smile: LOL